This article has been updated to include information on a similar offering from Galaxy Cinemas in Sedalia. 

For $99.00 dollars you can rent an entire auditorium at AMC Theatres Warrensburg Classic 10 and screen the 40th Anniversary edition of "The Empire Stirkes Back." And you can watch it alone or invite up to 19 of your friends.

I was shocked this was being made available in Warrensburg too. I thought for sure this would be something available only in bigger metro areas. So I squealed a little with joy when I saw that this is possible right here in West Central Missouri.

But don't get ahead of yourself and start planning that "Pulp Fiction" viewing party. Or in my case thinking do I wanna watch "The Blues Brothers" or my all time favorite film "Silver Streak" on the big screen? Because you can't rent a theater and see any of these films. Not for $99.00, not for $149.00, or $349.00.

There's significant limitations and restrictions on what you can watch. I'd imagine that's because any time a theater throws a movie up on the big screen they have to pay the studio something to screen it. So you're limited to a menu of films. There are some good ones on there like "The Empire Strikes Back", "Jurrasic Park", "Monsters Inc.", "Shrek" and more. A lot of it is family. And there's a few newer titles in the mix too. Some films will up the $99.00 cost of the theater rental too. You can see what movies are on the menu here.

So what other details do you need to know?

  • You can't have more than 20 people watch the film.
  • You can't rent the theater, then re-sell the tickets.
  • Theater rental must be paid in full 24 hours before the screening.
  • Movie selection is subject to change and all movies may not be available in all locations. Pricing is subject to change as well.
  • The offer at this price point is limited to the movies on their menu. Want to screen something else? Regular theater rental / screening rates apply.
  • No rain-checks, substitutions. No refunds for same day cancellation. Cancellation 48 hours in advance will be fully refunded.

The Galaxy Cinema in Sedalia announced a similar program on their Facebook page. You can rent an auditorium to screen the films currently playing at the theater, both new releases and classic movies that are playing or have just played, for $125.00 tax included.

If you get twenty people together each person could put in $5.00 and you have your private screening. That actually leaves you some money to pick up some pop corn and a drink at the concession stand without breaking the bank.

If you're a family it might be an attractive option if you're trying to stay away from crowds, or your trying to self quarantine. Another way to look at it might be getting your family and your bestie's family together for a screening.

And finally, if you can find a movie you and significant other both will enjoy, what a date. What a gesture. A private movie screening for just the two of you.

For complete information on booking a private screening and all the details you can check out the AMC website here. If you'd like more information and details on booking a private screening at the Galaxy Cinema you can email them at

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