The National Weather Service predicts the temperatures will top out in the 70's through Thursday but then Old Man Winter sneaks in the back door over the weekend.

Ready for some colder temperatures and snow? It's back in the weather forecast according to the National Weather Service. As of Monday's forecast, snow showers are in the forecast for this Sunday. Will we get them? Who knows!

The grass is starting to turn green, and a sure sign of Spring is the budding of Jonquils in area yards. This crazy weather has us looking and hoping for Spring's arrival a few days early. (Although Spring doesn't officially arrive for another 27 days on March 20.)

Pitchers and catcher have arrived at Spring training. The first days of the 2017 exhibition baseball schedule begins this weekend. 

All in all just remember the Farmer's Almanac says for February 20-22 - "Sunny, turning warm" and for the remainder of the week - 'Rain to snow, then sunny, cold ".

Enjoy what we have weather wise because I guarantee in about 5-6 months we'll all be complaining about how we wished the temperatures would cool down a little!

Confused about the unpredictable weather

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