While driving around Warrensburg I noticed the Aaron's rent to own store, 121 East Cooper Boulevard, has closed. It was across the street from El Monterrey Mexican Restaurant and next to the Applebee's.

Interestingly enough, the signage in the window proclaims they've moved. Not exactly. The location listed is the Sedalia Aaron's location at 1200 S. Limit. If I remember correctly I pulled in there last summer during the state fair to pick up a couple of funnel cakes from a trailer set up in their parking lot. And Aaron's was there and in business.

Rob Creighton
Rob Creighton

I get it, what company wants to say, hey we've closed your local store. You need to go to the other one down the road to patronize us. It's easier  to say we've moved. That said, I suspect more Sedalia residents wouldn't have noticed the Aaron's in Warrensburg, which is a little off the main drag, than Warrensburg residents driving on Limit in Sedalia. So I don't think their fooling anyone with that sign.

The Aaron's is the second business to close in the past couple of weeks. The Cash Saver grocery store on South Maguire recently closed as well.

What do you think would do well in the old Aaron's space? Another restaurant? A clothing shop? Offices? I'd love to see a used record store in Warrensburg, but I'm not sure that wouldn't work better downtown, and a little closer to the university.

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