It seems like we are at a place in this country where there is a mass shooting every day.  There was the one in Uvalde Texas, Highland Park, and so many more.  One Missouri school district has decided that for those teachers who want to be, can be armed .

The Jasper School District in Jasper Missouri will have certain staff carry concealed weapons. The school board approved the move last month.

“We want you to know if you come to our school, you’re going to meet resistance. You’re not just gonna walk in and have free reign of our school and do whatever carnage you’re intending to do. We are going to do whatever it takes to protect our kids,” said Dr. Eric Findley, Jasper R5 Superintendent.  You can read a bit more about this HERE.

The Jasper R-5 School District will be putting selected staff who want to be armed, through some rigorous training, and certain details of the program are being kept confidential for safety reasons.  Dr. Findley only has 40 teachers on staff so those who will be armed will be a closely kept secret.

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The training will begin very soon, and starting this fall, those who passed the training will have concealed weapons.

Dr. Findley said "We want to do what we can for our students. We want to do everything we can so when they get here off the bus and they have a great day at school, they get home that night,”

What are your thoughts? Are you comfortable sending your kids to their school if you know that one of their teachers could be armed? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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