I live on the west-ish side of town. I end up taking the same route to and from work just about every day. Most of the time I try to avoid the more heavily populated roads, but I made an exception recently and discovered something interesting! A LOT of places are hiring all along 65 Highway. As I was driving in to the stations, I saw sign after sign of places looking for full and part time help. So, I called up a few places, spoke to a few people, and thought I'd share with you my results.

Russell Stover is hiring part time workers.  I spoke with Vicky, and she said they were looking for someone to work in the shop part time, about ten to twenty nine hours a week, at varying times of the day.

Burger King is hiring full and part time.  I called up and chatted with David, who told me they're actually doing open interviews coming up next week. On the 20th of March, they're doing the interviews from noon to 3:00 p.m.

Wendy's is hiring full time people. I didn't see a sign for them, but I figured I'd call and ask, because, why not? Well, Donna says they're looking for full time employees who can maybe be a little flexible when it comes to the time of day you work.

Woods West is looking for deli and bakery help. When I spoke with Ann, she said they're looking for help that can work part time. They have shifts available for the very early bakery shift, and also for different times during the day.

Mazzios had a sign out for part time help. I called and spoke with Liam, who told me they're looking for mostly cooks and drivers who can work in the evenings.

The Dollar General on 65 is also looking for full and part time employees. I spoke with Aaron, and he told me they're looking for morning and afternoon help, and that it would be easiest for people to apply online.

Do you know of any places that are looking for help here in Sedalia? We can get them all together in one spot and hopefully get some people some work! Comment below if you know of a place that's hiring, or if your workplace might be looking for people.

Employingly yours,