We just had our latest round of our Lucky Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt.  We got some feedback from you guys, saying it was the hardest one we've done yet. So, since this was a doozy of a contest and we have another one coming up in a little over a week, I sat Jenn down to walk us through the clues.


Sorry it ends kind of abruptly, but I'm not a videographer. You get the idea. There you have it! Now that it's explained, it seems obvious. I don't know if I'll ever really get these things, though. But, hopefully you will! In fact, Jenn decided to give me a "bonus" clue for our next Scavenger Hunt.  Here goes!

just listen I spit a story backwards, it starts at the endin'


Happy Hunting, Good Luck!

Cluelessly yours,