It's a chilly day in West Central Missouri. If it's not already happening in your office, it will soon. The fight over the thermostat. Some folks are going to be too hot, others too cold. I've always been one of those people who would prefer it chilly than hot. Not because I like it cool. I just know I can always make myself warmer. If it's too hot, I'm just out of luck.

With that said, here are five things that will help you stay warm in your office this fall and winter. If you want to learn more about one of items I've posted click on it's title. As Amazon associates, we earn on qualifying purchases if you decide you just need an item for your office.



    Personal Space Heater

    In an office where the heat doesn't work very well. Or an office with lots of windows or poor insulation a portable electric heater that can sit on your desk or on the floor can help warm you up on those chilly days.


    A Business Casual Fleece Sweater

    One of the best ways to keep from getting to cold in the office is to keep a fleece at your desk that you can put on when  your chilly. Of course you want a fleece that's office appropriate, and in a color that'll work well with your wardrobe.


    Butt Warmer for Your Office Chair

    Butt warmers in cars are great invention right? So why not put one on your office chair? It's an awesome way to keep yourself warm on a chilly morning.


    USB Mouse Hand Warmer

    Cold hands? Warm 'em up with this very cool USB mouse hand warmer.


    Coffee Mug Warmer

    A swig of hot coffee on a cold day can really warm you up. Nothing can ruin that feeling like a mouthful of luke warm or cold coffee. Avoid that with this coffee mug warmer.