The Missouri State Fair is down to its final two nights. I normally take the kids out to check out the rides at night. I love to ride the ferris wheel in the evening, to look over the city and rides.

This year, I took my kids and two of their friends and we had a fantastic time. I have never got my kids to ride the roller coaster and they decided to give it a whirl. They ended up riding it four times and became their favorite ride.

I most enjoyed the White Water log ride and the ferris wheel.

The carnival games were played a lot. It seemed to me the biggest game was the one to win a gold fish. There was an even a line to see the traditional side shows from the world's shortest person to the snake lady. There was something for everyone.

Remember on the fair finale you can get half price ride wristbands, for just $15 at the carnival ride booths on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

What was your favorite ride this year?


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