Trash Talking, swearing, name calling, beer swilling, poking fun and laughing at the losers.  No, this is not a description of a Perkins family reunion.  Well, okay, it might be, but in this case I am describing the first annual 92.3 BOB-FM King of the Cup Tournament held last Saturday at Dickie Doo.

I've got to be honest with you, I have never been involved with anything like it, and it's rare that I laugh so hard.  It was such a good time that there is talk of more tournaments to come.  Check out the photos below.

Congratulations to our King of the Cup Champions, Jerrad Triplett and John Cowen!

Thanks to Rick at the Doo, and to all who participated and came out to watch.  Take a look at the pictures. The trophy was provided by Stone Laser Imaging, and the biggest laughs were provided by Doug Sokolowski and Bobby Paul.