Don't shoot me. I'm just the messenger. According to Tony Lupo, University of Missouri professor of atmospheric sciences, it will be the same type of snow that we always get for this part of the world." “We’ll get three to four inches at a time and it will then melt away.

The months of October and November have showcased the ups and downs of Missouri weather. The first part of October featured extremely warm days, almost summer-like in nature. The last part of the month consisted of some of the coldest days recorded in the past 30 years of October. The majority of November was cooler than last year, but the last few days saw record highs.

According to Lupo, “Moving forward this winter, I think it will be on the cooler side of normal." “It’s not going to be terribly cold. Given that the last few winters have been warm, people will perceive the cold as much worse.”
Precipitation is important during the winter months, as it prepares the soil for the upcoming planting season.

Man removing snow after storm with a snowblower
Grzegorz Kieca


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