Two days ago, Denny Perkins was standing outside and a raccoon came up and nibbled at his pants. He shooed it away, but it came back towards him. The next day, I went outside and this creature started running towards me. I went back inside.

At that point, we didn't know what to think. Is he rabid? Is he someone's pet? Either way, he is certainly not afraid of people. So the management here at the station took action and called the Missouri Department of Conservation for a trap.

The trap was set and baited with two crackers with cheese. This morning I went out to check the trap and both pieces of bait were intact. Then, "Rocky" came out of nowhere to say "good morning." I decided to go inside.

The trap was tripped and one piece of bait missing. But no raccoon. Yet.

Later, I went outside and happened to look at the trap. One of the crackers was gone and the trap was tripped but no animal inside. The potential man eater got away with one that time. But we'll get him. Oh yes. He'll not terrorize us for long.