With the 2016 Missouri State Fair coming up next month, we checked in with Ranker.com to see the list of the best fair food they put together.What better place than the state fair is there to people watch, ride all the wild rides and eat tons of insane food that you can’t get anywhere else? The favorite part about spending a day or a week at the fair is definitely the crazy food options that don't exist anywhere else in the Midwest. You might find insane creations like pickle dogs (for the uninitiated, that’s a deep fried pickle with a hotdog inside), and literally deep fried anything, just waiting around every corner for your feasting pleasure.

With so many state fair food options, it can be tough to choose exactly which artery-clogging delicacy to try. That’s why they’ve created the perfect menu for your state fair feasting pleasure.

Enjoy the list, vote for your favorite food and get ready for the arrival of the fair in Sedalia on August 11th. Click on the link below to see the options.


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