What TV Hangouts Do You Wish Were Real? [SURVEY]
The other night I found myself up late watching television re-runs. Nothing like a bowl of ice cream at 2 a.m., watching old television shows on your local TV station. I was able to catch an episode of Seinfeld, and The Simpsons followed afterwards. While my miserable life happened to be real, I fou…
Who Will Win the World Series? [SURVEY]
After a 162-game regular season and some thrilling postseason action, the World Series is finally upon us. This year, the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox have the honor of battling for Major League Baseball's crown. But who will win it all?
What Words Do You Hate?
I found a survey online of America's currently most hated words. There were some pretty good ones, like "Twerking," "Totes," and "Whatever."  I wanted to hear what you guys had to say, so I asked the question on my Facebook page: what are your most hated words? Whether …
Football Commenators Say the Most Useless Things [SURVEY]
"If they want to win the game, they need to score more points." Yes, that was a professional commentator's opinion this weekend during the Florida Gators and Tennessee Volunteers game. I will even put my neck out there and say that it really isn't much of an opinion: it's a fact, right? So…

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