I started something new last week on the show that I really like! I think so far we’ve had a lot of fun with you guys, asking you questions and getting all sorts of interesting, honest, and funny answers.

On Monday I asked you guys about your pet peeves.  In particular, about telephone etiquette.  The question was: What are your telephone etiquette pet peeves?

When someone is shopping and asks the clerk for help and then can't get off the phone long enough to listen to what they clerk is trying to tell them.

Yes, yes, that one kills me. Pretty much anytime where someone is trying to talk on the phone and do something else is just terrible.

 Being called while on speaker and not being told I'm on speaker.

Yes! What if I need to tell you something personal?! Don't surprise me like that!


On Tuesday, I asked you about your parents. The question was: What do you catch yourself doing or saying that reminds you of your folks the most?

Putting my tea in the microwave several hours after I made it, because I forgot it the second I put it down.

While I haven't caught myself doing something quite like that, I do find that I clean the house the way my Mom used to: music blaring.

 I wouldn't do that if I were you! Do you want the switch?

Hey man, I have yet to have to threaten a kid, but I did tell my nephew once that if he kept up with what he was doing he might meet The Enforcer, which is something I don't have, but my folks used to. It was basically a paddle with some duct tape on it that they never used, but the threat was good enough!


On Wednesday, I asked you guys about vandalism because of something that happened to me.  Someone, I don't know who, cut my garden hose. They just took a whole end off of Ol Greenie. He didn't deserve this harsh fate!! So I asked: Have you, or someone you know, ever been the victim of vandals?

Someone broke into my car once they stole my ELO tape, 52 cents and Perkins coupon for a free piece of pie! IT WAS UNCOOL


 There are some real crimes here. The other night, my neighbor's cat came in through the cat door and tried to steal a ball of yarn.

Now that one just chills us all to the bone. But I got one more answer that was just hilarious, from Rinni over at Auto Glass Express.

My husband cut his grandfather's garden hose once to suck gas out of a tank and got his nose broken when grandpa found out he did it. Bad bad day for him, lol.

That one was just too funny. Sorry, Don, but live and learn, right? Luckily, though, several of you said "No" on our survey.


On Thursday, I was thinking about how much I miss TV shows like WKRP in Cincinnati. I liked all the characters but I ended up loving Bailey Quarters most. She wasn't the star of the show, but she was what I feel now is an overlooked character. So I asked: Who's your favorite under appreciated sitcom character?

Carleton the Doorman on Rhoda.

I LOVED Carleton the Doorman. Did you know that actor was the same one who voiced Garfield in the 80s? It's true!

Cordell  from Walker Texas Ranger.

My Mom used to love that show, and I agreed at first. But then I thought, "How can Chuck Norris be under appreciated for anything?!" He'd kick all our butts from here to Timbuktu! Still, he's worth mentioning just for awesomeness.

Michael Knight

Now this one I can agree with. We're probably all so focused on Kitt from Knight Rider that we'd forget about the guy who drove him!

Anyway, this was pretty fun, and you guys seemed to enjoy it, too. We'll start fresh again on Monday with another question, and you guys can call in or answer on Facebook or our website and I'll read 'em out on the air.

Enquiringly yours,