My wife was recently craving going to a yogurt shop and making her own bowl. We have tons of ice cream and custard places in the area, but she was really looking for just yogurt. This weekend after the Wiener Dog Races, we decided to head towards Kansas City. After a long day of shopping and walking we decided to find a yogurt place.

We punched in the GPS and found a place called Peach Wave. So we drove towards it on State Line Road. I have to admit, I didn't know much about the place, but sometimes, adventure is the spice of life.

It took a little time to get there, but was well worth it. When you walk into the store, there is a wall of different types of yogurt. You place it in a large or small bowl and then you can get different toppings from fruits to chocolates to just about anything you can imagine.

I went with strawberry with some mango and Reece's in it, and my wife chose raspberry with brownies, M&Ms, chocolate syrup and mini-chocolate chips. We both really enjoyed it and it made the trip very worthwhile considering we didn't know about it before.

Sometimes the best laid out plans are the ones not planned out. It made the wife happy, and as Harry tells me on Huntin' & Fishin' With Harry, "If mamma ain't happy, nobody is happy."

Was the place a little out of the way from Lee's Summit? Yes, but was it worth it.  I could see myself going back and chalking this up as a place that I'd like to see in Sedalia, Warrensburg, Clinton, Warsaw or wherever in West Central Missouri.