Well, if you looked at our website earlier this week, you probably heard my tale of woe from this weekend. I put up a poll and asked you guys for suggestions.

The Culprit.

Basically what happened was, I cleaned a set of diamond earrings my  mother had left me.  Then I made the mistake of leaving them on the counter.  Now I have one earring, and one missing one.  So I turned to you, the listeners, to see maybe you had some suggestions as to where I should look for the thing.

Most of you think my cat ate the earring.  She might have, she is wily.

See? She doesn't care.

But I haven't noticed any change in her behavior, appetite, or.... litter box activity.  So I hope that means that there isn't any valuable jewelry in her gut. Naturally, I turned to you guys for other suggestions.

Do you have furnace vents in the floor?

This one was definitely a good idea. My bathroom doesn't have a floor vent, but it did get me thinking that it might have rolled somewhere else on the floor. Then there was another practical answer. 

Down the drain.

This one got me to thinking, so I got boyfriendo to working. He got down under the sink and did some amateur plumbing work and took out the pipe. We checked it pretty well but there wasn't anything lodged in there. So here's hoping that it didn't go all the way into the drain.

Well, I still haven't found it.  So I'm hoping that I'll find it one day when I'm not looking for it, one of those things where it just turns up out of nowhere.  Thanks for all the suggestions, though. If you have a suggestion of where I should look or where you think it might turn up, feel free to fill out our poll.

Searchingly yours,