Kids, I remember being one of those kids who went to the library all the time.  When I was in high school, several of us would go and hang out on the steps after school.  I knew where my favorite sections were, and I could tell by looking if the section had been changed.

I went as a child very often (we went to Boonslick in those days, back when it was in the old building).  Story time was a big thing for us as kids.  As teenagers, the library was still important, but not as much as it was back then.  Even in college, I used the local UCM campus library more than the Warrensburg Public Library.

Now, I have cards to the SFCC Library and the Public Library, but I don't think I've gone in the last two months.   Now that there is a possibility that our library may be out of commission for some time (although I hear the McLaughlin Furniture Building is a temporary solution), it makes me wonder what other people's library habits are.

So, what do you think?  Do you still use your library?  Do you prefer online methods?  What do you do?  Tell me, I implore you!