Even though 'The Voice' champion Danielle Bradbery is very busy these days, she's bound and determined to keep her favorite Christmas tradition in the world -- a gift exchange at grandma's house.

The singer says that each Christmas, her family exchanges gifts by drawing one another's names and purchasing gifts for the lucky recipient. The gift exchange happens at her grandmother's house -- and it sounds like the coziest, happiest Christmas tradition ever.

She elaborates, “There’s food and just lights everywhere and we’d give each other gifts, and that’s one of the traditions that happened every year. It’s really fun.”

It may be difficult for the person who has Bradbery's name this year, as she's finishing up 2014 on a pretty high note. What do you get a girl who's gone from a small town girl to a household name? This will be one very happy holiday for the 'Young In America' hitmaker.

Hopefully she'll have time to sit back at grandma's house, sip some cocoa, and enjoy the holiday as a 18-year-old on the brink of a successful career.