Kids usually go back and forth on Halloween costumes, changing their minds about what they want to be pretty much daily, but country newcomer  Danielle Bradbery was a little different. 

Bradbery had one staple costume she donned almost every year growing up, and it required some face painting from Mom.

“When I was little, my favorite costume I would always wear every year would be I’d be a little kitten, like a cat, and my mom would draw the little nose and whiskers on my face," 'The Heart of Dixie' singer shares. "That was probably the outfit I always wore, but now I don’t do that anymore."

Ever since she became the youngest contestant to come in first place on the reality show, Bradbery has been very busy. So, will the 18-year-old singer even have time to celebrate Halloween this year? Probably not, but we look forward to seeing the singer's transformation as she enters adulthood!