Just In Case
Safety - Car survival kit for winter 
Do yourself a favor today!
Place every item that you have in your car from this must car survival kit for winter:
• Plastic blankets/sleeping bags
• Booster cables
• Compass
• Extra clothing (hats, mittens, scarves, etc...
What Do You Do If You Don’t Watch The Super Bowl?
The Super Bowl is one of the top watched events of the year no matter what team plays. People will strive to watch it for the game, for the commercials for the half time show or maybe to see if they see a friend at the game. Over 110 million people watched the Super Bowl last year...
There seems to be an overwhelming consensus on how to reheat pizza, and it's not the microwave.  We know it seems like the easy choice, but it's not the best one.  The microwave will serve up a soggy, rubbery slice of pie that just doesn't deliver...
Call The Exterminator!
I guess the bug has hit our own Kaleb Fillis.  Take precautions if you're a round a lot of people.  Hand washing and sanitizer always helps.  Get plenty of sleep, eat right, and make sure your radio is on 24/7 to KIX 105.7.  Hey I didn't say it was the cure for this bug…
Be Prepared!!!
This isn't for Boy Scouts's for anyone and everyone that will be getting out tonight and tomorrow morning.  Listen to us live or online at for cancellations and updates.  Grab a blanket, some candy bars or protein bars or some beef jerky, a couple bottles of wa…

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