Kids, we all know that I love music.  It's controversial, I know.  

And one of my favorite artists ever is Loretta Lynn.  So I thought I'd take a second and discuss the heck out of Miss Loretta.  I've been to her house, actually.  One vacation I went on a trip to visit some friends in Tennessee.  I drove from Sedalia to Knoxville.   On the way, I stopped by her house, and the replication of her old house. I thought I had pictures of it, but apparently I don't.  So here's a picture of my silly friend doing a silly pose on a classic car at Dollywood, which was in that same vacation.


I have many favorite Loretta songs.  I want us to play some Loretta, but we can't play everything I want, I guess.  So here are some of my favorite Loretta songs.

This one is off the newer album, Van Lear Rose.  It's the one she did with Jack White of the White Stripes.  You can tell, she wrote this one after her longtime husband died.

She did a lot of great duets with Conway Twitty.  This one is my favorite.

I love that she wrote such sassy, fun songs.  Like this one, Fist City:

Well, what about you?  What are your favorite Loretta songs?  Do you even like Loretta?

If not, what's wrong with you?  Can it be repaired?

Lynning it up,