Kids, I don't know about you, but certainly does seem like the Sedalia area has a lot of two things: churches and restaurants.  We get half that equation in one room this week! 

I'm a fan of the Sedalia Food Fair.  It's just right for someone like me.  You get to try a little bit of everything!  It's all the best of the best, and plenty of new stuff too!  You go around from table to table, and you have a little bit, and then you get to move on.

For me, it seems like I get a little bogged down.  You know, you get started on one thing, they give you a plate, and then you go to the next thing to not hold up the line.  Then, BAM, before you know it you have to sit down somewhere because you've got seven types of meat and about a half a pound of other stuff on there.

Luckily for you KIX Listeners, I am willing to make that sacrifice. I am willing to look like a tool and shove food in my mouth while standing up and spilling all over myself... for you.  Not because I like it.  Oh, no.  I will not enjoy all the delicious drinks and desserts and sammitches and pizza and nachos and whatnot.  I will suffer through it all, and I'll do it all for you.  And I'll bring my cousin.

Seriously, the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce Taste of Sedalia Food Fair is tomorrow on the Fairgrounds in the Ag Building.  Check it out, if you've never been!  Most of you, though, have probably already gotten your tickets through our snazzy KIX Country Club.  Don't forget, 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night.  Be there or be square!

Foodily yours,