Zac Brown is representing country music -- and cattle -- in rapper and comedian Lil Dicky's new music video for "Earth." Press play above to watch the star-studded, but decidedly NSFW, clip, which features a star-studded cast of artists, comedians and actors.

Once Lil Dicky starts introducing the animals and plants affected by trash and pollution, viewers hear the voices of a who's-who of singers and Hollywood stars. Brown as a cow, Justin Bieber as a baboon, Ariana Grande as a zebra, Halsey as a lion cub and Snoop Dogg as (what else!) a marijuana plant stand out among the 30-plus celebrity guests featured.

"The idea didn’t start out as this grand thing. It really kind of started out as, 'I love animals. I’d love to make a song where different artists play the role of different animals,'" Lil Dicky tells Time. "As I started playing with it, I had this very vague understanding that there was an environmental issue on Earth ... and as I did my research, I was just blown away by the facts at hand ... What started as a silly joke of an idea along the way became the most important thing I’ll ever do."

Fair warning: Nature's got a potty mouth -- but the whole thing is for a good cause. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (yes, DiCaprio is in the "Earth" clip, too) will distribute funds from the song and its accompanying music video to organizations around the world that are working to find solutions to climate change. The end of the video also directs viewers to, which features Lil Dicky giving, in his words, "an entertaining tutorial" about the issues affecting the planet.

"Right now I don’t think people care that much. If everyone decided to care just a little bit — if everyone cared enough to not use straws at all — that’s going to have an impact," Lil Dicky says. "Somehow, life has led us to this 12-year-window where it’s on the people who are on Earth right now to insist that everything finally gets actually taken seriously. What an opportunity."

Any future voice-acting gigs for Brown will have to be put on hold for the summer. He and his band will be hitting the road for The Owl Tour, featuring support from Lukas Nelson and the Promise of Real on select dates.

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