Times have definitely changed in regards to how we can work out. You can find an app on your phone, stream it to your big screen TV, and work out til your heart's content. In fact for some, the big screen TV isn't a necessity. But back in the 80's, if you worked out at home with videos, you had to be in front of the TV.

Oh the days of having workout tapes and not a care in the world. You'd pop the tape into the VCR and you'd be ready to get your sweat on!

Leg warmers and spandex were the norm for the millions that jumped on the fitness bandwagon that hit in the 80's and 90's.

Jane Fonda actually got things started during the era. In the comfort of your own living room, you could sweat and try to lose the lbs. For many this was a great way to exercise, since a lot of smaller towns across the country didn't offer a gym or a location to do so.

You could buy or subscribe to The Buns of Steel, get your heart rate up to Denise Austin and/or Kathy Smith workouts, a round of pilates, or get intense with a video from The Biggest Loser featuring Jillian Michaels.

Actually one the first fitness gurus to hit the TV sets was back in the 50's when the "Godfather of Fitness", Jack LaLanne, hosted a tv show between 1953 and 1985.

So...still got that workout outfit you wore back in the day?

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