Are you a fan of setting your clocks forward in the spring and setting them back in the Fall? More and more people are finally asking the question about whether or not this is a good idea in the first place, but will Missouri ever have the guts to get rid of it? The answer appears to be quite complicated.

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In case you weren't paying attention (I'll admit I'm guilty also), daylight savings time ends early Sunday morning, November 5 at 2am (which will then suddenly like magic become 1am).

Has Missouri tried to get rid of daylight savings time?

Yes, absolutely. 13 News Now reported earlier this year that the Missouri House of Representatives voted on the measure to discontinue daylight savings time, but the Missouri Senate failed to bring it to a vote so it stalled. The specific bills were House Bill 157 and House Bill 265.

What's the problem with daylight savings time?

USA Today shared an interesting look into how daylight savings time can adversely affect your health. They said it's worse on your sleep routine than even jet lag.

Why did daylight savings time start in the first place?

As Wikipedia documents, daylight savings time began during World War I as an effort to conserve energy. I had always heard it was designed to give farmers more daylight to work their crops, but that perception is apparently wrong.

Why won't Missouri just get the bills voted on to kick daylight savings time out of our lives permanently?

I can't even begin to answer the question of why politicians do (or don't do) anything. I'll take a wild guess that there are some lobbyists somewhere who are keeping it from becoming a reality, but that's just me talking.

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