Kids, I know we've talked a lot about the big concerts coming up at the Missouri State Fair, but there are so many other interesting events going on during those 10 days!  Where's the love for the sporting events?

So I thought I'd ask you guys! Your opinion is what really matters around here.  And we wanna know, trust me.  After all, the Missouri State Fair is one of the biggest things to be here in our area all year. The 10 days of constant stuff to do has plenty that might get talked about, and some things that are just as worthy of our attention. So while the music is pretty huge and we all have our favorite acts that will be playing that Pepsi Grandstand, the sporting events are also just as exciting.

So tell us what you think! If there's something else you're looking forward to, enter in your own response.  Take the poll here to get your points!

Sportily yours,

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