Okay, so you've got a carload of kids that are starving and a wife that just doesn't want to deal with the kitchen after a hard day at work. With all the changes of protocol due to COVID-19, your choices have diminished. So these days where is the best place to take the family for a meal out?

If you have kids you know how costly it can be going out to eat. If the kiddos are younger, the last thing you want to do is to wrangle and chase them down. You especially don't want to deal with the looks from other going-out-to eat people. (You know what I mean!)

It's not only tough enough finding a place that you can afford to take the crew to eat but also one that has a selection of food that the young'uns will actually eat and just not push around the plate and hide under the broccoli.

Now, my oldest daughter and her husband have four kids. They rarely attempt to take them out to eat. They have found out how much fun it is herding cats in a public place. Although I do have to say that one particular place that always seems to work, if they do go eat, is the pizza place that has all the games and rides. For me, in my early years of taking the kids out to eat, it was Chucky Cheese.

So, back to my original question...What is the best area restaurant to take your family?

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