We've most likely had it happen one more time or another...someone walks into the room and you'd thought that person had used entire the bottle of perfume or cologne. How do you know when you've either used the right amount or too much?

We've all had that aunt or grandma that shows up at a family function and wants to give us a big hug. We almost choke because of the industrial strength perfume that they've bathed in earlier in the day. How much is too much?

Whether it's too much perfume or cologne, wearing fragrance can be a wonderful way to express yourself, but too much can turn people off. Some people even have allergic reactions to it.

If you're used to wearing the smelly stuff on a daily basis, you can get used to it and sometimes can't tell when you've gone into overload. Here's a couple of easy ways to avoid the problem.

Put on your fragrance, wait about five seconds and then put a tissue on the spot where you dabbed on the fragrance. The tissue shouldn't stick to that spot. Another way is to use a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and apply it on the area where you put on the smell-good stuff to help cut down on the odor.

Here's smelling ya!!!

Assorted Perfume Bottles
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