If you live in this state, you have plenty of reason to smile.

According to a new study, the happiest state in the country is none other than...Utah!

The rankings were compiled by looking at more than two dozen factors, including weather, work and volunteer rates and emotional and physical well-being.

Utah scored in the top five in divorce rate, lowest percentage of overweight people, highest sports participation rate, lowest median weekly hours worked and highest volunteerism rate.

On the flip side is West Virginia, which took honors as the unhappiest state. The state finished in the top five when it came to obesity, lack of sports participation and poor sleep.

10 Happiest States

1. Utah
2. Minnesota
3. North Dakota
4. Colorado
5. Nebraska
6. Wyoming
7. Iowa
8. Hawaii
9. South Dakota
10. Idaho

10 Unhappiest States

1. West Virginia
2. Alabama
3. Mississippi
4. Arkansas
5. Kentucky
6. Tennessee
7. Rhode Island
8. Ohio
9. Michigan
10. Indiana

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