Being lucky enough to grow up and watch television starting in the 60's, I've had the chance to watch some great sitcoms. Today we're looking back to the 1980's.

According to a lot of the shows that we grew up with in the 80's, are still our favorites today.

Unfortunately, a lot the shows that we enjoyed growing up aren't in syndication, and the ones that are run over and over and over til we get tired of them.

What was the top vote-getter? Who could forget Sam Malone, Norm, Cliff, Carla and the rest of the crew on "Cheers"? The number one ranked sitcom of the decade with an eleven year run. 

Second on the list was Alex P. Keaton and family on "Family Ties". Coming in third, it was the hairy-chested, moustache-wearing private investigator Thomas Magnum played by Tom Selleck in "Magnum, P.I."

At number four the voters decided it should be the gang in the night-shift, courtroom classic," Night Court."  Settling in at number five, "The Wonder Years" which ran on ABC from 1988 through 1993.

Rounding out the second five were the following;

6.  M*A*S*H (Although this show debuted in 1972, it still ran through 1983 and wound up in the top ten.)

7.  The Golden Girls

8.  Newhart (One of my all time favorite shows just because Bob Newhart is in it)

9.  Moonlighting

10.  Hill Street Blues

Taras Livyy

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