With the 2017-18 school year ending soon, many kids will be looking for that first summer job. Do you remember what you did to earn that first paycheck?

For many the first summer job was the first experience of independence and financial security. We didn't have to depend on our parents for a handout as we were introduced to fiduciary planning. Buy that comic book, a candy bar and your favorite soft drink or put it in the bank.

I guess you could say my first true summer job was putting up hay. Myself and two cousins would head out to our grandparent's house to help retrieve bales of hay, stack them on the wagon and store them away either in the barn or line them up outside to be tarped at a later date.

If I remember right we got three cents a bale. Of course that included a lunch that included all of grandma's fixin's and, of course, our three o'clock Coke float break. (This was mandatory per our grandpa's orders.)

At three cents a bale we would each come out with right around $100.00 for the two week effort. For a 15 year old kid in the summer of '74, we felt rich!

So that was my first summer job...what was yours?

Robyn Mackenzie