Since minimum wage workers in Missouri will soon get a boost in pay with the passage on election day, what was your starting minimum wage at your first job?

I guess the lawn mowing and bucking bales of hay before I turned 16 doesn't count on this thread. (Mowed yards for usually $3 a yard, and bucked bales For .03 cents a bale)

My first "real" job was, believe it or not, in radio. (Go figure!) It was 1974 and I was a sophomore in high school when I found out the local radio station was looking to hire a sophomore for a part-time position.

According to a government website, the hourly minimum wage that year was $1.90 per hour. I think I usually worked anywhere from 10-12 hours a week starting off so I made approximately $19.00 to $22.80 per week. Not bad considering prices back in 1974 for gas averaged about .53 cents a gallon, a loaf of bread was about 9 cents and a gallon of milk was somewhere around $1.57 a gallon.

So what was the minimum wage when you started your first job?

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