Although things are constantly changing, getting a summer job probably hasn't changed too much. Making that extra money as a teenager used to be the difference between a car/no car or just money to be able to do what you wanted. (Within reason!)

Growing up with my first years of earning money took place from the early to mid 70's. For most young boys in rural Missouri, it was mowing yards as the first opportunity to earn money. For girls it was babysitting.

As I spent my junior high years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I remember pulling weeds and/or removing goatheads (a sticker) from lawns for .25 cents an hour. If you found a yard or two to mow, you might make two to three dollars per yard.

As I moved back to Butler, Missouri during the summer before my sophomore year, I was putting up hay in the summer for 3-5 cents per bale and working at our local radio station making $2.10 an hour.

What jobs do you remember having growing up? Where they great jobs or ones that you just hated? Any great stories that go along with them?

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Robyn Mackenzie

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