We are on the air asking you to be a Partner in Hope with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  What does that mean?  Why should you care what a hospital in Memphis, TN is doing?

I'll be on the air for 26 hours over two days explaining that.  I'll try to give you the short version.  First, I'll explain the why.  St. Jude is a hospital without walls.  Their research is shared freely throughout the world in real time.  They do not patent their findings in hopes of getting a huge profit.  The protocols (treatment plans) that St. Jude comes up with are used in hospitals everywhere, including Children's Mercy in Kansas City.  There is a St. Jude Satellite hospital in Springfield, Mo. as well.  If a patient has to go to Memphis for treatment, St. Jude covers their travel costs.  If they have to stay for a period of time, St. Jude provides food and shelter for the family. If the family has no insurance, it doesn't matter.  No family ever receives a bill from St. Jude.  It costs 1.75 million dollars a day to keep the hospital running.

Becoming a Partner in Hope means what it says.  You will be a part of delivering the hope that someday, Danny Thomas' dream of "No child dying in the dawn of life" come to fruition.  You'll also be a part of giving each child the hope that their catastrophic disease can be cured for them.  You'll also be giving that same hope to the child's parents, brothers, sisters and extended family.  Being in a partnership means being on a team. A team with a goal.  Please click the button below to become a Partner in Hope with us and St. Jude Research Hospital.

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