Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer, and there has been a barrage of shopping deals from cell phones to televisions, computers to laptops, food to clothes. The deals appear to be bountiful this weekend.

Consumers will have the chance to participate in Black Friday, although this year some of those deals are already in effect or are now starting on Thanksgiving night. As big retailers would say, this is the day they go from in the red into the black. Lots of deals are dished out all throughout the day and you see people line up around stores to get the earliest deals.

Another big deal that has popped up in recent years is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is a day that American Express created by assisting the smaller retail stores in advertising to bring focus to the mom and pop shops of the world. I normally will make my first purchases of the seasons at these type stores and find they usually have the most unique items.

Then there is Cyber Monday, which is the day consumers go online to find deals for friends and families. You could shop in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in hand and get gifts shipped with little difficulty. Perhaps you just need to worry if your internet goes down or if the server is full.

So which of these days do you plan to shop the most? Or are you like those that wait until Dec. 24 to do your shopping?

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