Here's a scary thought. The fact that there are laws about what you can't do with a bear in Missouri means it's happened once. If there ever was a Show Me State "hold my beer" moment, these is it.

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Here's a fact I'm not making up. It is an actual Missouri law and I can prove I'm not making it up. If you live in Missouri, you may not under any circumstance drive with an uncaged bear. This YouTube short is absolutely correct.

In Missouri, there isn't just one law against something stupid you can do with a bear. No way. There are two things you can't do with a bear in Missouri. The official Missouri state website declares that you may not wrestle them either. That's a shame because bear wrestling would increase the average IQ or Show Me State residents in my opinion.

Here's a sobering thought. The fact that the Missouri legislature had to make laws about not driving with (or wrestling) an uncaged bear means that someone has successfully done it (or tried). Too bad there weren't cell phones with cameras back when that first happened as I predict those moments would have been instant classics.

Here's another area of concern. There's a bear who's escaped his enclosure at the St. Louis Zoo twice over the past few weeks. These strange Missouri laws mean it's entirely possible the bear could have been picked up as a hitchhiker. Don't laugh. I guarantee there's at least one guy who has considered it.

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