Ok, I don't know why this came up other than having to deal with these little monsters that appear out of nowhere in your nose.

One morning you look in the mirror to check everything out. You 've done it. Make sure nothing too wild or wooly is going on with your face. Ears-check, eyebrow-check, nose-che...whoa...wait a minute! Where did these little goldenrods come from? They weren't there yesterday morning when I did my daily go-over!

So, you wondering how those little hairs can appear so quickly from one day to the next. It's not like your fertilizing them! A decision has to be made...do I get out the heavy machinery and try my best to maneuver my way into the nostril and trim those little boogers? (Wait, I'm dealing with the nose...maybe boogers isn't the correct term to use.)

Let's try this again...what do I use to trim the schnozzle growth? Do I trim, or do I go the manly route and yank 'em out and have tears well up in my eyes as I jump around the bathroom in agony?

I decided to go to the experts...our listeners. This is the response I got on the question, "Nose Hairs-Yank 'em or Clip 'em?-

Lisa M. - "Get them waxed at Salon and spa"
(Hmmm...never new that was an option!)
Jeff K - "First rule of nose hairs - never talk about nose hairs..."
(OK...sorry, Jeff. I 'm new to this!)
Clarence R. - " Yank when you’re pickin and clip when you’re shavin"
From a woman's perspective-
Sue Ann M.-C. - "Nose hairs are there for a reason. Clip them."
(Good advice...Thank You Sue Ann!)
Melissa M. - "Use one of those nose hair trimmers lol"
So there's just a few of the comments I received from the question. If you want to see more of them, go to the KIX 105.7 Facebook page.
By the way...what did I decide? Whatever works at the moment you find them!

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