There are a lot of weird and funny smartphone apps out there these days. I came across a new one the other day called "Cuddlr" that locates people in your area who are available to cuddle with, for those times when you just need to be held. I'm sure nothing weird will ever come out of that.

weird and funny smartphone apps

Cuddlr is just one of many apps that seems either strange, funny, or even in many cases, pointless. Here's a few more I've found. The folks at Laptopmag had a lot to offer, including these...

The iHobbo app lets you take care of a virtual homeless person for three days. Your job is to feed, provide shelter and money, and even make moral decisions for your hobbo.

The iFrenchKiss app tells you how good you are, or aren't at, you guessed it... kissing. Yes, you have to basically tongue your phone and get a rating. Remember too, those things are made of electronics.

The Electric Shaver app doesn't even come close to giving you a shave. It does however make your screen look like an electric shaver, complete with a power button. Turn the button on and your phone will buzz and vibrate. Truly useless.

The iNap@Work app allows you to set typing and clicking sounds to play at adjustable intervals and volumes, so you can close your office door and get in a nice snooze at your desk and fool anyone who walks by... unless they walk in to see you of course.

The Cry Translator will tell you why your baby is crying, based on the sound of their cries. Are they hungry, sleepy, need changed? Luckily now you don't have to ask the baby questions they won't answer and guess work is out!

Readwrite had some good offers too...

The Bowel Mover app.... yes you read that right... lets you track your well, regularity, in an attempt to help track your overall heath. It's gets very specific about some things that I don't really have the stomach to describe.

The Game for Cats app is for those who's furry little pets have moved beyond the simplicity of chasing strings, running up and down the hallways at full throttle at 2:00a.m., and going crazy over a laser pointer. If your cat is progressive enough for the digital age, they're sure to love this one.

Phonearena provides some good stuff as well...

With the Ghost Radar app you don't need to worry about hiring a paranormal investigator anymore. This simple app will find the ghosts and/or demon spirits in your home and show you right where they are. Maybe then you can shut them in the bathroom and get some sleep.

The Melon Meter app takes you through a step by step process to determine if your melon is ripe. However you'll still have to knock on it yourself, so it really doesn't do the work for you.

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