If you've ever wondered what goes on during the day at a police department. The Warrensburg Police Department hopes to give you a snap shot of that this afternoon. Their public relations intern is doing a "Tweet a Long" today between 1PM -3PM.

I mention this for a couple of reasons. First, interns are important and today is the Warrensburg PD PR intern's day to shine. Most interns work tirelessly behind the scenes for little or no money. Maybe they get some credit. And they learn a lot. In return, they wash the car of the Operations Manager, Morning Guy, or in the case of a police department, maybe the Lieutenant or Shift Commander's vehicle. They're also the "go for" as in go for coffee, go and make copies, go and file this.

I'm kidding about washing cars. I can tell you no intern for Townsquare Sedalia / Warrensburg is washing any employees personal vehicle. That would be wrong. And I doubt the PR intern for the Warrensburg police is doing that either. I wasn't kidding though about this being a big moment for the Warrensburg Police PR intern. It's a way to publicly show what she has learned about public relations, and what she's learned about the police department.

I said this "Tweet a Long" is important for a couple of reasons. The second reason, and probably the more important reason, is to show you and I what a couple of hours in the life of one of our local police department's is like. That's what this "Tweet a Long" aims to do.

I'll tell you, it could go either way. It could be a quiet two hours, or it could be a couple of hours with officers dealing with people the Warrensburg Police Department Facebook page likes to characterize as "#jackwagons."

For the officers out there today in Warrensburg and every town, I hope for an uneventful tour. Remember, cops always have to keep their head on a swivel. It's a tough job. And while they've signed up to help others and protect you and I, one piece of the job that probably isn't in the written job description: They want to go home to their spouses, significant others, kids, parents, family and friends at the end of the day. I hope that's easy for them to accomplish today. That will make for a less interesting "Tweet a Long", but I'm OK with that if everyone goes home at the end of their shift.

If you want to follow the Warrensburg Police "Tweet a Long" you can on their Twitter here. Their Facebook page is below:


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