If you've got a fourth, fifth or sixth grader that likes to set, spike and hit you might consider signing them up for Warrensburg Parks & Rec Co-ed Youth Volleyball.

The season is scheduled to run six weeks plus a guaranteed game in a single elimination tournament at the end of the season. The season will run from August 24 through November 4 and games will be played Monday and Wednesday nights at 5:30PM - 9:00PM at the Warrensburg Community Center and at other local towns. Games run approximately an hour.

Like any sport there is a time commitment to play. In addition to the games, teams will practice twice a week until games and then teams will practice once a week during the season.

Registration costs $75.00, however registrants can save $10.00 by signing up by Sunday July 26. Registration closes August 9 and the first coaches meeting will be scheduled for Monday August 17. Warrensburg Parks & Rec plans to have teams for each grade.

I was never very good at sports, but I did enjoy the three years I played little league baseball, the two years I played indoor soccer, and yes, the one season I played co-ed volleyball. The tennis lessons my Mom signed me up for, not so much.

As a kid I didn't love going to all the practices. And I felt a little out of my depth playing indoor soccer because I didn't really know the nuances of the game. However, playing sports gave me some good lessons including: Finishing what you started. There was no quitting until the end of the season. Jumping in and just doing it learning as you go. Self confidence. And some good memories.

My point is if  your kids like volleyball, or think they might like volleyball. Sign them up. The commitment isn't that big. A couple of practices a week, or  practice and a game a week. And it will be over way before Thanksgiving. Who knows your kids may make some new friends. Or maybe they'll find out they're a great Volleyball player. Plus there's a great chance they'll wind up with excellent memories.

You can learn more about Warrensburg Parks & Rec co-ed youth volleyball here.


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