New Line took over San Diego Comic-Con last night for ScareDiego, teasing a few of the studio’s upcoming horror films — including, obviously, IT: Chapter Two. But the highly-anticipated sequel to Andy Muschietti’s horror hit wasn’t the only film on the docket: James Wan was on hand to confirm a third installment of Annabelle, based on the creepy doll from the Conjuring franchise.

In addition to offering new sneak peeks at The Curse of La Llarona and The Nun (another Conjuring spinoff), Collider reports that New Line confirmed Annabelle 3 during last night’s ScareDiego event. The third chapter in the spinoff series will see the eponymous evil doll arriving at the paranormal museum at the home of Ed and Lorraine Warren (portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the Conjuring franchise), where it wreaks all sorts of havoc among the various spooky artifacts.

James Wan compared the sequel to Night at the Museum:

Annabelle basically activates all the other haunted artifacts in that room, so it’s basically Night at the Museum with Annabelle.

Sounds cute!

Gary Dauberman, the screenwriter behind the Annabelle and IT movies, will make his directorial debut on Annabelle 3. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are expected to reprise their Conjuring roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren (based on the real-life paranormal investigating duo) in the sequel, which is set to arrive next summer. Dauberman elaborated on the plot a bit by explaining that after the Warrens bring her home, Annabelle sets her sights on the couple’s 10-year-old daughter, Judy (similar to the end of the first Conjuring movie). Unfortunately, the Warrens believe that the doll won’t be able to do any harm once safely contained in their paranormal museum — obviously, they are super wrong.

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