The nerds are Clark Gregg's people. The star of (what is it now? approximately 78?) Marvel's many films and television's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' has found his home amongst his many fans, especially those who attend the year's various Comic-Cons. Fresh off yet another Comic-Con, Gregg hit 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to chat about the experience with host Jimmy Kimmel. In short, he loves it. But, then again, it seems like Gregg relishes his now-trademark role as Phil Coulson, well, just kind of a lot.

That big fanbase and his even bigger love for his role don't mean that Gregg isn't still shocked by some of the bigger Marvel twists -- or all those giant Marvel secrets -- and the actor is still sort of reeling from the big changes that hit his show last year. But what does Gregg have to worry about, really? The guy has already been resurrected once.

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