Just in case you're one of those people that needs an excuse to chow down on some delicious junk food, here's one you can use. National Pizza Party Day is coming up on May 18.

I had never heard of National Pizza Party Day, but it is apparently always on the third Friday in May. Pizza lovers are encouraged to use #PizzaPartyDay on social media with pics of your favorite pizza.

A Harris Poll a couple years back asked people about their favorite comfort foods. Pizza easily won the vote. Wasn't even close between first and second place - second place was a tie between ice cream and chocolate. Mac and cheese came in third.

When it comes to pizza, what's your favorite place to get a slice? We have two surveys for you to vote in below. One for Sedalia and one for Warrensburg. As always, it's hard to include everyone as official choices, so it's perfectly fine to write in a restaurant that you like. You can even vote for more than one, if you just can't decide. Have fun voting, and don't forget about National Pizza Party Day on Friday!

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