Vincent's Footwear and Apparel are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.  They started out actually as a shoe repair shop that also did leather repair.  Vincent's has come a long way, and they're ready to say "Thank You" to Sedalia.

Looking back now, I imagine it was very hard for Arlo Vincent to imagine what his little shop would grow into.  After all, back in 1938, life was a lot different.  It was also a very confusing time here in America before World War II.  Getting into business in the tail end of the depression must have been very daunting.  Just thinking of some of the strides that have been made in manufacturing, technology, marketing and advertising, it probably would have been almost scary back then.  I'm sure Arlo would have risen to the challenge.  The Vincent family has definitely kept the tradition of great service and wonderful product going all these many years.

Vincent's Footwear

Brian Vincent has been working with the family business for four decades now, working since he was about 13 cleaning up trash cans.  Now he and his wife Janet run their shop like a well oiled machine, bringing Sedalia the latest in fashions, footwear, and even custom and semi-custom orthopedic shoes.  Brian and Janet both have the education, the experience, and the passion to keep Vincent's going in the Thompson Hills Shopping Center for another 75 years.  Well, maybe they'll retire before then, but you can bet that Vincent's will still be here in Sedalia when that next anniversary comes.

We'll be out there on Saturday celebrating with them, telling you all about everything that Vincent's is stocking. The latest in fashions and health innovations will be there to keep you coming back time after time.

We'll bring our 105 pounds of cash for you to take a guess at the big winnings. So make sure you stop by on Saturday, Oct. 26. We'll be broadcasting live from noon until 3:00 p.m.  Come by, take your guess, and see what's changed and what's been consistently amazing for 75 years out at Vincent's.

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