When I think about my childhood and the vacations we went on, I wonder if my parents were gluttons for punishment.  My father, the high school math teacher, and my mother would put me, my brother and my sister in the back seat of the car and start the drive.  It was almost always to Clearwater, Florida to visit my grandparents.

My Dad wasn't one for taking interstates either.  He wanted to see the sights, and we never took the same route twice if we could help it.  That meant two and a half days of being cooped up in the car and them having to listen to restless kids.  As the baby, I was put in the middle. The fights were epic.

Then I got older and started taking trips of my own.  Enjoying the sights of my choosing.  I wasn't forced into going to family resorts, horrible water parks and only eating at spaghetti restaurants.  That came later once I had children of my own.

Both styles of vacation had their good points.  The freedom of not having kids was relaxing.  Seeing my children as they experience the world during travel was equally as positive though.  In a recent survey, 24% of parents said sometimes they'd really rather travel without their kids.  What do you think? (Don't worry, your answers will remain anonymous).