I don't know about you, but I know I often associate the State Fair with food.

Well. I Know that's not all there is out there. I know that.  Somewhere in my brain, I know that.  BUT, the food is the most delicious part, right? Right.

So I was looking around Twitter because apparently the internet exploded when one of my boys posted something where he looks like a vampire (long story, tl;dr we have no real idea what's going on yet), and I happened across this video.  This is from the Missourinet Twitter, and they were on the grounds yesterday. And they were there.... partially to get some tasty, tasty donuts.  Namely from the Missouri Soybean booth at the Mo Ag Theater.  They weren't the only ones, though, check it out!

I haven't been out there yet, but you know I'm goin. I'm intrigued! Are these donuts made every day? Are they made by donut experts? Are they expensive? ARE THEY SOMEHOW MADE FROM SOYBEANS?! Because if they are, that's pretty impressive. And if not, well, they still look tasty so I'm down with that.

You can tell from the line that their reputation precedes them, if the smell didn't draw them in. Or maybe just a moment in the AC that blessed them with delicious donuts. Or both! Either way I thought it was a fun moment to watch. Who knows what we'll find out there next?

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What's your favorite fair food? Are you going to get you some donuts, or are you sticking with corn dog? Or... ALL OF IT?!

Donutly yours,

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