One day before before I step away from the microphone in the KIX 105.7 studio.

T'was the day before Beau stepped away from the mic, not a song was over-modulated as the day went to night. All the Facebookers were aware of his last days of employment, he made it known of his deployment.

The radio was broadcasting commercials, promos and songs, as he knew his new spot would be home where he would belong. His wife had a list as long as it could go, for she wasn't going to let him just sit around, ya know!

He put up his headphones to get ready for the last day, a happy but sad one would be on display. As he flipped the switch to head out the door, he surveyed the surroundings, his daily decor.

He walked out the door only 24 hours to go, from a career with so many memories he cherished very much so. He got in his truck for the next-to-last time, he drove off the lot to his wife where he would dine.

The years have been coming but where did they go, as he thought of the people his smile was aglow. He prepared for the last day of his radio show, but he know it would be tough, the last one to know.

As he spoke his last words and signed off for all the years, he couldn't hold back the swelling of tears. As he dropped off his keys, the station no longer in sight his last words he muttered "I'll be alright."

Thanks for letting me ride along with you every morning, Monday thru Friday, on KIX 105.7!  It was my honor and my privilege to do so.

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