What are the TV shows your kids watch that you can't stand? I asked that question on the radio one night a few years ago. The phones rang non-stop for five straight hours with parents calling in to vent their frustrations. Here are some common answers:

The Wiggles
Power Rangers
Dora the Explorer
Teen Titans Go!
Yo Gabba Gabba!

When my niece was little, I got really burned out on Lab Rats, Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie. I also always thought Powerpuff Girls was about as obnoxious as it gets.

To be fair, I'm sure most of the shows I watched when I was a kid drove my mom and dad nuts! When I was really little, I watched a lot of Smurfs and Snorks. When I was a little older, I can remember my mom despising Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Cartoon PlanetX-Men, Batman, Spider-man, none of those superhero cartoons seemed to bother my parents...except for The Tick. They weren't crazy about The Tick.

What about you? What are the shows your kids love, but you hate?

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