A trucker shared a list of truck stops he's been asked not to stop at by L Brands Asset Protection department. So what truck stops was he asked to avoid in Missouri & Illinois?

L Brands was the corporate umbrella for the brands' Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret before they each became separate companies in 2022. So this trucker was probably hauling either some skimpy high-end ladies' lingerie or body spray, candles, and other good-smelling items Bath & Body Works sells.

The Asset Protection department of a company like L Bands is essentially security. It's the group of people hired to keep employees and visitors to major companies safe. They're also tasked with keeping a company's "stuff" safe. Essentially, their job is to keep the company from dealing with the costs of thefts or having to spend money on issues related to employees. Accidents, lawsuits, workers comp, etc. I know this because I worked asset protection for a very short time for a major truck trailer manufacturer in Indiana between radio jobs.

Anyway, L Brands, gave a truck driver a list of truck stops to avoid with his high-value load. They wrote, "The following truck stops pose a risk for drivers and loads; therefore, L Brands Asset Protection requests that truck drivers DO NOT STOP at these locations." They then provide an extensive list of truck stops they've asked the driver to not stop at. I found the list in an article published by CDL Life, which you can read here.

In Missouri and Illinois, they ask drivers carrying high-value loads to avoid stopping at the following truck stops:


Google (Love's Truck Stop #461)
  • Love's Truck Stop #461, Interstate 70, Exit 246 A, St. Louis


Google (Pilot Travel Center #313)
  • Pilot Travel Center #313, Interstates 55 & 70, Exit 4, East St. Louis
  • Flying J #642, Interstate 255, Exit 17A, Alorton
  • Road Ranger #378, Interstate 55, Exit 288, Chicago

They also list a couple of truck stops in Council Bluffs Iowa near the Nebraska border that they also advise skipping:

  • Love's #912 & Pilot Travel Center #329. Interstate 80, Exit 1B, Council Bluffs

The trucker posted a photo of the list on Imgur in the summer of 2020 and posted it without comment beyond the headline "Picked up this high-value load and was given this." So it's hard to tell whether he agreed with the comment or not.

Regardless, it's some interesting intel to have before you head out on the road for your summer trip. My personal advice, listen to how you feel. If your intuition is giving you that creepy feeling when you pull in for a pit stop, then I'd listen to it. I think it's better than any list.

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