So I told you about my first venture with the smokeless tobacco, Skoal. It was an introduction that left a memory with me that I'll hold onto til the day I die. Now for Part two of my ongoing stories.

Let me say again...that for anyone that reads this I understand that smokeless tobacco can be harmful to your health so I'm not condoning it.

This time we're going back to 1979. I had finished my basic training in the Air Force at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. Now usually after your basic training, you move on to another Air Force base/military installation for your tech school. It just so happened that my career field was Security Police so I stayed at Lackland to start my new career.

I knew a couple of guys from basic so we continued to hang out through our upcoming weeks. Now that we were out of basic training, we had more time on our hands and it wasn't as strict as the previous 9 weeks.

One of the guys I hung out with was a fellow airman from Pennsylvania. I wish I could remember his name. The two things I do remember about him are being re-introduced to Skoal, and learning about Ouzo. This story is about the smokeless tobacco. The one about Ouzo, well, just let me say I don't remember much about the Ouzo other than we drank it! So back to part two.

After chow one day, we went back to the rec room to hang out before we had to head back to class. This friend of mine was one that dipped Skoal on a consistent basis. He had asked me from time-to-time if I wanted a dip. I had held off remembering my first encounter in high school at the drive-in movie. Well, for whatever reason I decided to take some that day. Needless to say, it didn't turn out well.

We had just ate and I guess all the juices that weren't spit out of my mouth found their way into my stomach. Need I say more. Yeah, whatever i had for didn't stay for long. Since that second attempt at dipping Skoal didn't work, I decided that smokeless tobacco/dip wasn't for me.

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